The installation of the company’s Gear in Libreville, Gabon, is complete. This 7100 m2 paramount property will serve as the hub for all equipment-related activities. Critical information 7100 m2 is devoted to the Gabon equipment offer. About 30 employees are working on the project, and it will take about six years from the significant installation period to accomplishment. 

The project will begin on January 3, 2022. Six toil coves for trucks and machines, about one cove for the tires of the trucks and municipal manufacturing equipment, 3 bays for quick servicing for outside consumers, two open-air demonstration spaces for trucks and machines, and 1 showroom for forklifts, vans, and minibusses are all capacities of the workshop and showroom. 

With the assistance of the services and the well-known brands promoted, the goal is to dominate the industry. Nearly 15 apprentices in different disciplines, including plumbing, network connections, optical fiber, steel and timber woodwork, and electricity, were employed at the construction site. The leading distributor in Africa is CFAO EQUIPMENT, a specialized business of Africa’s leading company. It supplies and establishes robust, elevated systems throughout the country and the former colonies.